Reading and Maths Ambassadors

Reading Ambassadors

This morning, our Year 6 reading ambassadors were announced! Although their main job is the daily running of our two libraries, they also have the very important role of promoting reading and poetry throughout the school year, helping out at reading events, Book Buses and running lunchtime storytelling sessions and book discussion groups! This is the largest number of Reading Ambassadors yet, so we can’t wait to see what’s in store this year!

Maths Ambassadors

We had lots of applications to enrol as a maths ambassador this year! This year we have 12 maths ambassadors from year 6. We held our first meeting to discuss how we could support mathematics across the school. From next week our maths ambassadors will be leading times table clubs during lunchtime for all year groups. The team will also be designing exciting maths trails for KS 1 and KS2 using the outdoor environment. Four of our ambassadors are planning to lead a Collective Worship about numbers in the Bible. Later on in the year, we will be planning maths focus days such as Pi Day, Fibonacci Day and a Maths Party Day! The maths ambassadors will also be available to help with homework each lunch time. We are looking forward to being positive role models and helping children across school.

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