School Uniform

We love our uniform – smart charcoal skirts, shorts or trousers with a striking black jumper or cardigan trimmed with gold. The tie picks out the black and gold with flashes of white too, matching the shirts.

Introduction of Tracksuits as an optional daily uniform for Reception and Year 1

Following a parent consultation, summer 2021, a majority of school parents voted in favour of our younger children having the option to wear school tracksuit on additional days.  Reception and Year 1 curriculum differs considerably from higher years with an emphasis on child-led exploration and continuous learning through play and discovery, much of it outdoors and/or using sand/water/paints/play dough/mud/bikes/scooters etc….

As a school, we intend, from September, leaving this as a choice for individual families.  Some children may prefer tracksuits; others may prefer trousers/skirts/dresses/ and shirts, with tracksuits just for PE days.   I think if we accept either/both in those year groups we would then be in a position to observe preference in practice.  It will be up to individual families in those two year groups whether to purchase traditional uniform; tracksuits (either school tracksuit or any plain black) or a combination of both – please note that tracksuit will be needed for PE days (with yellow logoed PE polo shirt) as there are not opportunities for children to change clothes on those days. On other days, if wearing a tracksuit, children should just wear plain white polo shirts to reduce the cost, since these can be purchased from anywhere, not just our uniform supplier, ‘Kitted Out’.

We recognise that black trainers can be very expensive and difficult to obtain and, with tracksuits, we are happy for any colour trainers – a good fit is more important.

All our children are welcome to choose from the following for our formal uniform:

  • White shirt/ blouse
  • Charcoal Grey trousers or shorts
  • Charcoal Grey skirt or pinafore
  • School pullover, cardigan or tank top and school tie
  • Grey or white socks
  • Blazer with school badge (optional)    
  • A yellow check dress (summer)
  • Plain white polo shirt (summer with uniform and all year for Rec and Year 1 if choosing to wear a tracksuit)

All children are expected to wear sensible black school shoes with main school uniform, appropriate for running in; trainers are not allowed unless wearing a tracksuit.

PE & Games Kit

A gold polo shirt and black shorts for indoor lessons. On PE days, children should come to school in P.E kit and tracksuit, choosing from one of the following options:

·         Full school logoed tracksuit if preferred (bottoms have no logo but ensure fabric matches with the top – entirely optional!)

·         Just school tracksuit top with any plain black bottoms/leggings/sports shorts (no branded logos)

·         Plain black tracksuit with no logos/ brand names/ cartoon characters/ other colours allowed



All children in Years 4 and 5 go to the Liverpool Aquatic Centre, Wavertree Sports Park and need the proper kit.  This is a swimming costume, a swimming cap and a towel. Boys need trunks and girls need a one-piece costume.  Football shorts and leotards are not suitable.

Children are expected to do indoor PE in bare feet or pumps. However, children suffering from verrucas should wear pumps for PE and a swimming sock for swimming lessons. Outside trainers can be worn for outside games lessons.


Uniform Suppliers

Childwall CE branded uniform is stocked in  Kitted Out Schoolwear

114 Allerton Rd · 07305 535575

Marks and Spencer Online

(Tie; PE Top and School Cap only)

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