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Year 4

Cathedral - Year 4

Welcome to the home of Year 4, where you will find all of the information you need to make this year our best yet. Our teachers are Mr Gillin (Class 9) and Mrs Jones (Class 10), and we are lucky enough to have the invaluable support of our learning support assistants Mrs Bone, Mrs Butchard and Mrs Harris.

Keep checking back to see updated documents, links and homework – this will be our main communication platform this year so pop us in your bookmarks!

User guide for Reading Planet: Parent And Pupil Guide To Reading Planet

Link to Video Guide – How to use Seesaw – for Parents/Carers/Pupils


Happy Half Term Everyone! | Windy Nook Primary School

Thank you to all of our families for their support and hard work this half term. Mr Gillin, Mrs Jones and the Year 4 team are amazed at how settled, happy and successful our children have been since September. We wish you all a happy, restful half term. God bless.

And here are our stars of the week…actually, make that the whole half term!! A year group of SUPERSTARS!!

Half Term Homework – UPDATED 19-10-2020

We have had such a hardworking term, and we are delighted with all of the effort the children have made since coming back to school. With this in mind, we are sure you will agree that a restful, relaxing half term is in order! For this reason, we will not be setting any additional homework on MyMaths or Literacy Planet this week. We will, however, be setting reading books on Reading Planet as usual. We have noticed that there are a number of children who have not been completing their tasks on MyMaths or Literacy Planet (Thank you if you have already told us of any technical difficulties you have encountered!). If there are any outstanding tasks on your child’s account, please use this week and next week as an opportunity to catch up. We are also asking that you make full use of the Times Tables RockStars app (or the website here TTRockStars) and the game here to ensure that we are in the best possible position for the Year 4 Times Tables Screening Test which will take place later this academic year.

Rising Stars Reading Planet – Stages/Bands

We understand that it can appear confusing that your child might have to log in to ‘Reception/KS1’ on Reading Planet when they are in Year 4. The Reading Planet ‘bands’ follow the nationally recognised Book Band system. It is important to see your child’s reading as developing in stages, not ages. So, while some colour bands are known as KS1 bands (Lilac, Pink, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Turquoise, Purple, Gold, White) that does not necessarily mean your child is working at a KS1 level. It just means that we want to give them more practice, experience and consolidation of answering retrieval and inferential questions before tackling longer, trickier texts which may prove too difficult. If your child has been assigned a book in one of the above bands, they are also being read with regularly in school and will progress through the bands when they are ready to do so. Over lockdown, no matter how much reading your children did at home, we were not able to accurately assess them and ensure their band was accurate. We are now able to do this – all children’s bands are regularly reviewed and assessed to ensure that we are not ‘holding them back’ or giving them texts which are too challenging.


In order for us to fully prepare for the possibility of a Bubble lockdown, whether it be one class or both, Mr Gillin and Mrs Jones have been honing their skills on SeeSaw by assigning a few ‘practice’ activities and setting up groups for differentiated work. These are only to be accessed and completed in the event of a Bubble or class lockdown! This will ensure that we are in a position to provide a couple of activities that are ready and waiting for your child at short notice. Thank you for your cooperation.

Tests, Homework and Home Readers – Tuesday is the key day!

Both spelling and times tables tests will be on Tuesdays.

Homework will also usually be set on a Tuesday, with the expectation that it will be completed by the following Tuesday.

Home Reading e-Books will also be changed on a Tuesday. Depending on the ‘band’, your child may have more than one book assigned to them. If they are on a KS2 book (Stars, Mercury, Venus, Earth), these will be changed once every 2 weeks due to the length of the book.

Weekly Spellings and Times Tables results

We are aware that in the past, your child has brought home their weekly spelling and times tables scores in their Times Tables Diaries or Home Spelling List books. In the absence of these, there is no way for us to quickly, easily and safely relay these scores home, so children will find out their scores for their previous test each Tuesday. Please remind your child each Tuesday to remember, and inform you of, their scores.

Spellings for test Tuesday 20th October (Only 9 spellings)


Test week commencing 19.10.2020: 6x table.

Weekly Homework

Homework is set on our online platforms every Tuesday, to be completed by the following Tuesday. 

Each week, you can expect:

weekly spellings and times tables practice – don’t forget to use TTRockStars!

weekly reading on Reading Planet

weekly maths homework on MyMaths

weekly English homework on Literacy Planet

General Information

Remember, your child has their own, personal, labelled pencil case in school with their own stationery. Please only send in a book for reading for pleasure!

Our PE day this year is Wednesday. Children now no longer get changed in school. Therefore, on Wednesdays, please ensure children come to school wearing their PE tops and shorts under black tracksuit bottoms (or black leggings) with either a black tracksuit top/hoodie or their school jumper and trainers. If your child has a Happy Hedgehogs club after school, they can come to school in their school uniform, and they can get changed into their sports clothes at the end of the day in school.

We are currently unable to catch you for a quick chat on the door before and after school. Remember, no news is good news, but if we need to contact you, we will do so via a phone call from the office at another time. Similarly, if you need to get in touch with us, please ring the office as normal and we will get back to you.

This Term’s Topics


Our Novel Study this term is The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe by CS Lewis, and our writing will be based upon this classic tale. A free audiobook version of this book is available here.


More than ever, it is vital that we are confident and fluent in the Year 3 objectives before moving onto the more challenging Year 4 skills. This half term will be spent reviewing the key skills of Year 3 to ensure a firm foundation for Year 4.


In our first topic, All Living Things, we will be recognising that living things can be grouped in a variety of ways, exploring and using classification keys to help group, identify and name a variety of living things in our local and wider environment, and recognising that environments can change and that this can sometimes pose dangers to living things.


We will be looking for evidence in the Bible that Jesus is the Son of God.


Our first historical investigation this year is the impact that the Anglo-Saxons had.


We will be developing our coding skills using Swift Playground.


We’re looking forward to studying David Hockney and his portraits, and trying to create our own versions.


Our wellbeing focus will continue, as we get back into our daily routine at school.