Childwall CE Primary School
‘And The Child Grew...’ Luke 2:40

Year 4

Story Time

All teachers love to read stories and we are no different. Each day a different teacher will be reading you a chapter of the classic children’s book Matilda, Follow the story using the link below. The book is suitable for KS2 children (Y3-Y6). 

Parents, if you don’t already, follow our school twitter page; On there you can find the ‘Guess The Teacher Baby Picture’ competition and lots of other activities to enjoy with the children.


We will upload your daily activities below. Remember your grown ups will decide how much or how little of the work you should complete.


Don’t forget you can now use the Seesaw app to share with us the lovely activities you have been doing at home to stay busy and also to share any work you are particularly proud of. We have added some fun activities on to seesaw that you may want to try out. Remember, as always, your grown-ups will decide how much or how little of the work/activities you should complete.

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Monday 1st June

Spelling List

Geography Activity Sheet Countries of the World

Geography Powerpoint North or South



Friday 22nd May Mathematics 

Friday 22nd May Powerpoint

Friday 22nd May Activity 1

Friday 22nd May Activity 2 (1 Star)

Friday 22nd May Activity 2 (2 Star)

Friday 22nd May Activity 3 (3 Star)

Friday 22nd May

Spot The Spelling Mistake

Online Safety Lesson 4

KS2 Votes for schools

Thursday 21st May Mathematics

Thursday 21st May Knowledge Organiser

Thursday 21st May Worksheet 1 (Choose 1)

Thursday 21st May Worksheet 2 (Choose 1)

Thursday 21st May Final Discussion Powerpoint

Thursday 21st May

Online Safety Lesson 3

Lichstein Art Powerpoint

Lichstein Examples

Wednesday 20th May

Acrostic Poem PowerPoint

Acrostic Poem Example and Planning Sheet

Electricity Science Quiz

Electricity Science Quiz Answers.

Online Safety Activity 2

Wednesday 20th May Mathematics

Wednesday 20th May Powerpoint

Wednesday 20th May Maths IP Worksheets

Wednesday 20th May Rounding Word Problems


Tuesday 19th May


Holiday brochure Austria Example

Persuasive brochure Budapest Example

Persuasive brochure Orchid Hotel Example

Persuasive Writing Hotel Example

Vocabulary Word Mats

Computing Activity 1

Tuesday 19th May Mathematics

Tuesday 19th May Powerpoint 1

Tuesday 19th May Maths Activities

Tuesday 19th May Challenge Powerpoint

Monday 18th May Mathematics

Monday 18th May Maths Worksheets

Monday 18th May Arithmetic

Monday 18th May Arithmetic Answers

Monday 18th May

Spelling List

Contractions Powerpoint

Contractions Activity

Friday 15th May

Spelling Crossword

French Lesson Presentation Time

French Telling The Time Activity Sheet

Votes For Schools PowerPoint

Votes For Schools PowerPoint KS2

Friday 15th May Mathematics

Friday 15th May Maths Worksheets

Thursday 14th May

The Borrowers – Home Reading Activity


Super Hero Mask

Pete the Pirate Wannabe Handwriting Poem

Thursday 14th May Mathematics

Thursday 14th May Counting Backwards Through Zero

Thursday 14th May Fractions 

Wednesday 13th May

Renewable or Non-Renewable Energy Powerpoint

Hydro Power Experiment

Solar Power Experiment

Wednesday 13th May Mathematics

Wednesday 13th May Worksheets

Wednesday 13th May Maths Activity Mats

Tuesday 12th May




Story Planning Sheet

Synonyms Sheet

World Religions Activity Sheet

Tuesday 12th May Mathematics

Tuesday 12th May Math Worksheets

Monday 11th May Mathematics

Monday 11th May

Spelling List


Tudors Crime And Punishment Powerpoint

Tudor People and Their Punishments Matching Activity

Tudor People and Their Punishments Answers

Hello everyone, you can find lots of different bank holiday activities to help you celebrate VE Day (Friday 8th May), on our Stay Home and Stay Busy page. Have a good weekend.

Friday 8th May Mathematics

Friday 8th May Arithmetic 

Friday 8th May Assessment Questions

Thursday 7th May


Using-Determiners Powerpoint


Determiners booklet

Votes For Schools Powerpoint

Thursday 7th May Mathematics

Thursday 7th May Angles Powerpoint

Thursday 7th May Angles Worksheet 1

Thursday 7th May Angles Worksheet 2

Thursday 7th May Angles Worksheet 3

Wednesday 6th May

Home Reader Activities

Electrical Circuits PowerPoint

Science Activity Sheet Complete and Incomplete Circuits.

Wednesday 6th April Mathematics 

Wednesday 6th April Maths Powerpoint 1

Wednesday 6th April Maths Powerpoint 2

Wednesday 6th April Maths Questions

Wednesday 6th April Maths Answers

Tuesday 5th May

Try copying out the poem below to practice your handwriting, look carefully at the joins between the letters.

Handwriting Practice Poem

Tuesday 5th May Mathematics

Tuesday Maths Powerpoint

Tuesday Maths Types Of Triangles Worksheet

Tuesday Maths Calculating Angles in Right Angled Triangles

Tuesday Maths Calculating Angles in Isosceles Triangles

Monday 4th May Mathematics

Maths Word Mat

1* Activity

2* Activity

3* Activity

Draw The Shape Activity

Venn Diagram Activity


Monday 4th May

Spelling List Monday 4th May

Home Reader Activities

Expanded Noun Phrase PowerPoint

Fronted Adverbials Powerpoint

fronted adverbial word mat

Tudor Explorers PowerPoint

History Activity (Positive and Negative Impacts of Tudor Exploration)

Friday 1st May

Fronted Adverbial Activity Booklet

Votes for schools Powerpoint

Friday 1st May Mathematics

Friday 1st May Mathematics Work (Multiplication wheels)

Friday 1st May Mathematics Arithmetic Test

Friday 1st May Mathematics Arithmetic Test Answers

Thursday 30th April

Fronted Adverbials Powerpoint

Fronted Adverbial Activity

Science Powerpoint and activities.

Science – Appliances Cards

Thursday 30th April Mathematics

Thursday 30th April Maths Powerpoint

Thursday 30th April Maths Questions

Thursday 30th April Maths Answers

OPTIONAL CHALLENGE: Thursday 30th April Bar Chart Challenge


Wednesday 29th April

Captain Tom – Birthday Card examples.

Science PowerPoint and activities.

Science – Appliances Cards

Home Reader Activities

Wednesday 29th April Mathematics

Wednesday 29th April Maths Powerpoint

Wednesday 29th  Maths Worksheets

Wednesday 29th Maths Challenge/Extension (after the worksheets above).

Tuesday 28th April

How to layout a formal letter PowerPoint

Formal and Informal language quiz.

Tuesday 28th April Mathematics

Tuesday 28th April Maths Powerpoint

Tuesday 28th April Math Worksheets

Monday 27th April Mathematics

Maths Powerpoint




Monday 27th April

Spelling List

Formal and Informal Language Powerpoint

Formal and Informal Language Activities

Home Reader Activities

Tudor Food Powerpoint and Activity.

Friday 24th April

Friday 24th April Mathematics

Friday 24th April Arithmetic Sheet

Writing a Balanced Argument Powerpoint

Writing A Balanced Argument Word Mat/Useful Phrases

Votes For Schools PowerPoint

Thursday 23rd April Mathematics

12 and 24hr Worksheet Warmup

Adding Time On A Number line Sheet

Thursday 23rd April

Writing a Balanced Argument Powerpoint

Writing A Balanced Argument Word Mat/Useful Phrases

Art – shading lesson

Wednesday 22nd April Mathematics

Wednesday 22nd April

Maths Powerpoint

Maths Sheet

Electricity Powerpoint

Electricity Mind Map

Science commentary planning sheet (Electricity)

Tudor’s Reading Comprehension

Home Reading Activities

Tuesday 21st April

Tuesday 21st April Mathematics

Maths Powerpoint

Maths Sheet

Personification poster

Personification PowerPoint

KAHOOT QUIZ …How much do you know about your city. Try the Kahoot Quiz all about Liverpool. Game PIn is 04497511 . Good Luck

Monday 20th April

Spelling list

Tudor Houses

Home Reading Activities.

“There is a national competition launched called Spirited Art, linking RE and Art. Open as a competition to all Key Stage 2 children, this could be a great opportunity for anyone who enjoys getting their teeth stuck into a creative project. The deadline for entries is July 31st, so you have plenty of time to complete entries.”
Copy and paste the link below into your browser for details.

BBC Bitesize daily lessons! 

BBC Bitesize have launched daily lessons! Click on the picture below to explore some of the activities they are offering.





Welcome to Year 4

We have had a busy and successful start to our new Spring term. We are looking forward to lots of exciting activities over the coming weeks.

In RE, we will be looking at The Easter Story.

We are already enjoying taking part in the Votes for Schools project within our PSHE lessons! This has proved an exciting way for the children to find out about one of our key British Value: democratic elections! Each week there is a topic to focus on that is current in the news. The children have chance to discuss it and cast their votes.

In our English lessons we will be working hard to improve our reading, writing and spelling skills. We will be focusing on Non- Fiction and fiction writing. We will start the term by looking at instructional texts and balanced arguments.

In Mathematics, we will begin by looking at place value. By the end of Year 4 all pupils should know their times-tables to 12 x 12, so we will be working on this throughout the year!

Our topic in Science is all about living things and their habitats. We are really looking forward to our STEM week.

In Geography we are learning all about North and South America.


In Art we will be linking our work to Geography and Science.


We will continue to use Purple Mash to support our Computing work: both in terms of skills development as well as topic application.

In Class 9 we have outdoor PE with Mr Hawthorne on Tuesday and and Swimming on a Monday , so please make sure your full kit is in school for the week and swim kits every Monday. Remember to bring in winter wear for PE if required. (School tracksuit bottoms and tops).

We will continue to have French and Music lessons on Tuesday morning.

Mrs Mavers and Mrs Davies are here to help us, especially during our Maths and English lessons. We are very lucky to have them.

We have another busy term ahead!



Click on these links!

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Homework will be given out each Friday, the homework will alternate between English one week and Mathematics  the following week. All maths homework will be set on My Maths.

Spellings will be given out on Friday for a test the following Friday.

TIMES TABLES will also be given out Fridays and tested on the following Friday.

Our teachers are Mrs Malone and Mr Maguire and we are lucky enough to have Mrs Mavers and Mrs Davies to help us too! We are looking forward to an exciting and enjoyable spring term in Year 4!



Our long term plan for this year is as follows:

 Year 4 yearly overview 2019-2020