Childwall CE Primary School
‘And The Child Grew...’ Luke 2:40

Year 6

                                                    Welcome to Year 6 



A very big welcome to our wonderful children and families. Year 6 is set to be a fantastic year! The staff team will be focusing on the well-being of our children after such an unusual time and will be taking a positive and structured approach to ensuring children achieve academically. 

The Year 6 Team includes Mrs Parry, Mrs Carew and Mrs Moore. We are also supported by the wonderful Mrs Fisher and Mrs Woods. 

Please check this page on a regular basis for key information, photographs and samples of what we have been learning! 


PE – Our PE days are Thursday and Friday. Children must wear their PE kit to school on these days as explained in Mrs Mason’s letter. This includes a black hoodie, black joggers/ shorts and our yellow school polo shirt. 


Homework – There have been some changes to how we will be setting homework this year. It will now be uploaded here every Wednesday and should be completed by the following Tuesday.

Link to Video Guide – How to use Seesaw – for Parents/Carers/Pupils

User guide for Reading Planet: Parent And Pupil Guide To Reading Planet



If your child completes any written work or worksheets and would like to share them with their class teacher, this can be done by uploading to Seesaw. In the event of the whole bubble isolating this will be our main means of communication.


Homework set 21.10.20

Spellings to be tested 5.11.20












Please check MyMaths for tasks this week.


The children have been allocated a new resource, which uses the same login details as Reading Planet. This is called ‘Achieve SATS success’ and is a resource we really like as the video tutorials are very clear. The children will be shown how to use this in class on 22.10.20

Please complete 





Select Expected Standard or Higher Score but please don’t complete other objectives until allocated. 


Books have been allocated on Reading Planet

Optional extra!

In writing, we are learning about biographies. With adult guidance, find a biography to read and talk about the features.  










Home learning w/c 19.10.20



Maths answers for the week –Maths answers 2     Maths answers

Maths challenges for children who feel confident – Challenge 1     Challenge 2        Test questions


Corbett Maths 5 a Day



Maths – Today, we will be recapping our multiplication facts and trying to build on our speed and rapid recall 

Monday Multiplication Facts p26       Maths Multiplication Facts p27 

Grammar – The children in school will be working through the questions from the recent test paper to try and improve their knowledge.

Try this practise test paper to revise your skills       Mark Scheme       Paper 1

If there’s anything you are unsure of, you could try this website

Spelling – Use this Powerpoint and activity to practise adding the suffix -fer 

Animation –

Game –

-fer Powerpoint               -fer activity 

History – History Task                       Second World War Posters_2 Powerpoint


Maths – Maths Common Multiples

Writing – Understanding the features of a biography. Read the samples and use the checklist to see if you can spot the features. Today, we are just taking the time to get familiar with this style of writing in preparation for writing biographies soon.  

#PowerPoint            Genre Checklist              J.K. Rowling Fact File               Roald Dahl Fact File                     Usain Bolt Fact File

Maths Basic Skills – Recap and develop maths basic skills by playing       

Hit the Button    Countdown       3DShape revision  



Maths –Maths Prime Factors

Reading –Reading Old Photograph

Votes for schools – V4S Powerpoint

RE-RE Week 7


Maths- Revision of multiplication facts Maths Multiplication Facts p28                  Maths Multiplication Facts p29

Reading – The children in school will be working through a past test paper to build on their fact retrieval and inference skills. You could have a go at this one at home

2014-Reading-Answer-Booklet                      2014-Reading-Mark-Scheme                                                                           2014-Reading-Text—humble-potato

Art – We have come to the end of our work on Portraits. Try and have some fun with this at home! Create a portrait or self-portrait using any media or materials you can!


Maths -This week’s arithmetic test and answers

NCAPTA_Y6_Autumn_Test_6            NCAPTA_Y6_Autumn_Test_6_Answers

Science –Lesson Plan Exercise Investigation

Activity Sheet Exercise Investigation Report             Activity Sheet Exercise Investigation                                Lesson Presentation Exercise Investigation

Novel Study –Goodnight   Mister   Tom





Home learning w/c 02.11.20


Maths- Solving multi-step problems

Grammar – In class, we are reviewing a range of grammar questions and topics.  Please work through the paper and use the Rising Stars videos (accessed for homework) if you need a recap.

Grammar Paper      Grammar Answers

Spelling – Use this Powerpoint and activity to practise adding the suffix -fer 

Animation –

Game –

Powerpoint – Fer Powerpoint               – Activity:  Adding-suffixes-to-words-ending-in-fer

History –



 Maths – Solving multi-step problems 

Writing – 

Maths basic skills –  



Maths – Simplifying fractions

Reading – Non-fiction

RE – Week 8



Maths – Simplifying fractions

Reading – Poetry

Votes for schools – V4S Powerpoint 21120



Arithmetic Test 1

Arithmetic Test 1 Answers