Childwall CE Primary School
‘And The Child Grew...’ Luke 2:40

Year 1

In Class 3, we have Miss Gillin as our class teacher. In Class 4, we have Miss Gronow as our class teacher.

We are very lucky to have Mrs Hunter, Mrs Mavers and Mrs Mills helping us in our year group.

Keep checking our page for updated information, homework and links.

To our lovely Year 1 children,

Our school is closing just for a while,
But our learning will not stop, just change in style.
Many people are staying home and you will be at yours,
You will carry on learning and maybe help with the chores!

Be sure to write a timetable of what to do each day,
Include Maths and English but don’t forget to play.
Whilst many things are changing some things will stay the same,
We are still your teachers and Year 1 is our name.

We’ll help and support each other to learn more and more,
Once everything is safe again we’ll run back through the door.
We’ll shortly be back in school with our teachers and our friends too,
But whilst things are different we’ll send you lots to do!

Homework (Thursday 21st January – Wednesday 27th January)

Your child has one piece of maths homework and a list of spellings to learn this week.

Maths Homework –

Log in to your MyMaths account to complete the maths homework for this week.

Spellings –









Thank you for visiting our Home Learning section. Here you will find information about Home Learning. Please check every day to see any updates.

Link to Video Guide – How to use Seesaw – for Parents/Carers/Children

If Home Learning is required for our Year 1 bubble, a range of activities and tasks will be set each day on SeeSaw to be completed at home.

All of the lessons and resources will be accessed from Seesaw. This will enable you to have all of the home learning activities on one platform and it will enable teachers to view and comment on the children’s work. Seesaw can be accessed on most devices. If, however, you need support or assistance with using this platform, please email and we will be more than happy to help. 

Recording Written Work: Many of the tasks will involve written work of some sort. There is no set way of recording the written work. Please do not feel that you need to print off the worksheets; you can record your work on sheets of paper. Keep all of your Home Learning work together in your pink Home Learning book; just remember to write the date on each piece of work. Remember to send us pictures of your work on SeeSaw! If your pink Home Learning book is full, use any notebook or folder to keep your work together.

In addition to the work set on Seesaw, please provide opportunities for daily reading, spelling and phonics practise. You can access your child’s assigned e-books on Reading Planet. Some useful links can be found below:

Click here to access Reading Planet

Click here to access the Year 1 Common Exception Words

Click here to access the Phase 2 and 3 sounds

General Information

PE Lessons
We have PE with Mr Hawthorne on a Wednesday. Please be aware that children no longer get changed in school. Therefore, on Wednesdays, please ensure children come to school wearing their PE tops and shorts under black tracksuit bottoms (or black leggings) with, either a black tracksuit top/hoodie or their school jumper, and trainers.

Children should bring the following into school:
– a coat (labelled clearly with their name)
– a water bottle (labelled clearly with their name)
– a book to read throughout the day (this will not be shared with other children)

As we are focusing on developing the children’s independence and sense of responsibility, please remind your child that they are responsible for looking after their belongings. We thank you for your continued support with this.

Homework Information
Your child’s homework will be uploaded onto the school website every Thursday. This will usually include a set of weekly spellings and another piece of homework (which will be either maths or English based), to be completed for the following Wednesday.

In school, your child will have a spelling test every Wednesday morning and will be tested on the spellings that they have been learning that week.

If you are having difficulty accessing Literacy Planet on your device, please read through the information below provided by Literacy Planet. If you are using an iPad or a tablet to access Literacy Planet, you may need to download the LiteracyPlanet app rather than using the website.

Click Here for Literacy Planet Information


All Year 1 children will receive two e-books once a week.

The children will be receiving one ‘Rocket Phonics’ book and one ‘Comet Street Kids’ book from the ‘Rising Stars’ reading scheme.

The ‘Rocket Phonics’ books are phonetically decodable books that we will be reading with the children during guided reading sessions in school. You will have access to this book at home too.

The ‘Comet Street Kids’ books provide the children with an additional challenge as they are less phonetically decodable; this book is an additional book for the children to read at their own pace at home.

Please be aware that both books will be from the same book band.

Click here to access Reading Planet: Reading Planet

User guide for Reading Planet: Parent And Pupil Guide To Reading Planet

In addition to this, we encourage you to allow your child to explore different texts. This could include reading fiction books, non-fiction books, magazines, comics or even listening to stories (there are lots of videos on YouTube and CBeebies iPlayer of stories being read aloud). Whatever interests them!

In addition to promoting a love of reading and developing fluency, there are 6 key reading skills that we aim to develop by the end of KS1 –

  • Drawing on knowledge of vocabulary to understand texts
  • Identifying/explaining key aspects of fiction and non-fiction texts, such as characters, events, titles and information
  • Identifying and explaining the sequence of events in texts
  • Making inferences from the text
  • Predicting what might happen on the basis of what has been read so far
  • Sharing and explaining their thoughts and opinions on texts.

To develop these skills, we ask children questions about the text that they have read or heard. You may find it useful to keep a record of the books your child has read and their responses to the questions you have asked them.

Keep checking the website for more information about what you can expect this year and to keep up to date with what is going on in Year 1.

Year 1 Long Term Plan: Childwall CE Primary School Long Term Planner – Year 1

Keeping safe online

Due to the current situation, children will be spending more time online to learn, to play or to keep in touch with friends or family. We want to keep them as safe as possible.
Please click on the link below to access some information about the latest apps such as Zoom and TikTok.

Click here to access the information

Image result for the maths factor This website is currently free! Sign up for additional maths support and resources. 


Useful Links

MyMaths Website


Literacy Planet Website