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Welcome to the EYFS class page.

In Class 1 our teacher is Miss Owen and our teaching assistant is Mrs. Doran

In Class 2 our teacher is Mr. Kildear and our teaching assistant is Mrs. Henderson

The EYFS expected and exceeding statements for the prime areas of learning

Prime Areas

The EYFS expected and exceeding statements for the Specific areas of learning

Specific areas

   School Closures

In light of the governments decision to close all schools the EYFS team will be regularly uploading work that you can complete with your child at home. This work can be printed out, completed and added to your child’s home learning folder.  We will also try to include links to any websites and other activity ideas that you can use with your child over the coming weeks.  Please ensure you check back here regularly.  As always we thank you for your continuing support.


Here is a link to a nice CBeebies hand washing song to help your little ones. 

Here is a lovely social story which explains what is happening at the moment in a nice, child friendly way. 


Following on from the Prime Minister’s advice on staying indoors as much as we can, the link below has lots of ideas (100 to be exact!) of activities you can do to keep your little ones entertained inside.  

Music at Childwall

Make sure you head over to our new music page.  Here you can find a selection of our school’s favourite songs from worship, class favourites and different music to suit your mood.  Just click on ‘Children’ and scroll down to ‘Music’ 

Story time at Childwall.  We love listening to stories in Class 1 & 2 and we don’t think that should stop just because we are away from school. Follow the link below to hear your favourite stories read by your favourite teachers. Each day, a new chapter of the story Matilda will be read by a member of staff or you can listen to some of your favourite story books being read.  

Childwall Story Time 

A message for parents about writing

Your children are at the very early stages of their writing journey.  As a result there will be many words that they cannot and should not be expected to spell correctly.  In school we encourage children to use their phonic knowledge to make an attempt at any unknown words.  Whilst learning at home it is important that you do not expect your child to spell all words correctly. The only exception to this are the tricky words which they have been learning since they started school. These words include I, no, go, into, the he, she, we ,me ,be.

Thank you for your continued support

The EYFS team 


Optional Half Term Activities – W/B 25.5.20

3D shape activities for half term


Activities for Reading, Writing and Phonics

Week Beginning 18/5/20

This week our writing activities will be centred around the theme of dinosaurs. We will continue to learn three more trigraphs in phonics.

Phonics phase-3-pets-sentence-unscramble 22.5.20

Phonics – Real and nonsense words 22.5.20

Literacy Activity 22.5.20

Describe your dinosaur 22.5.20

Phonics – Write the labels 21.5.20

Phonics – Match the sentence to the picture 21.5.20

Literacy activity 21.5.20

Label the dinosaurs 21.5.20

Learn ‘ure’ 20.5.20

Phonics ‘ure’ activity 20.5.20

Riddles instructions 20.5.20

What am I PowerPoint 20.5.20

Riddle 1 20.5.20

Riddle 2 20.5.20

Riddle 3 20.5.20

Riddle 4 20.5.20

Learn ‘ear’ 19.5.20

Phonics ‘ear’ activity 19.5.20

What is a dinosaur? PowerPoint

Literacy activity 19.5.20

Letters and Sounds Weblink sheet WB – 18.5.20

Learn ‘air’18.5.20

Phonics activity ‘air’ 18.5.20

Zog story and postcard task instructions 18.5.20

Postcard Activity 18.5.20

Week Beginning 11/5/20

This week we will be using the story book ‘Whatever Next!’ as our writing focus.  We will continue with our phonics digraphs and learn a new trigraph.

Phonics – Learn ‘igh’ 15.5.20

-igh-and-oa-Sounds-Matching-Activity 15.5.20

Back to Earth With a Bump story 15.5.20

Cake Bake activity 15.5.20

Spaceman Spiff PowerPoint 14.5.20

Design your own alien 14.5.20

Phonics – Learn’ur’ 14.5.20

Phonics ‘ur’ Activity 14.5.20

Space List Literacy Activity 13.5.20

Phonics – Learn ‘oo’13.5.20

Phonics – ‘oo’ Activity 13.5.20

Whatever Next story retelling activity 12.5.20

Whatever Next Retell Activity Sheet 12.5.20

Phonics learn ‘or’ 12.5.20

Phonics activity 12.5.20 – You will need a dice and some counters, coins, pasta etc. to cover up the each word as it is read.

Learn ‘ar’ 11.5.20

‘ar’ phonics activity 11.5.20

Letters and Sounds Web link for tricky words all week

Whatever Next PowerPoint Story 11.5.20

What are the characters doing 11.5.20

Week Beginning 4/5/20

Completing Tasks on Literacy Planet 7.5.20

Write a letter to the Naughty Bus Explanation 7.5.20

Letter to the Naughty Bus worksheet 7.5.20

Learn /th/ YouTube link 7.5.20

Learn /oi/ YouTube link 6.5.20

Favourite part activity explanation 6.5.20

My Favourite Part Activity 6.5.20

Learn /ow/ YouTube link 5.5.20

Follow Up Phonics Ativities 5th-7th May

Naughty Bus Activity Explanation 5.5.20

Story book template 5.5.20

Learn /ng/ YouTube link 5.4.20

Phonics /ng/ activity 4.5.20

The Naughty Bus story 4.5.20

Describe the bus activity 4.5.20

Week Beginning 27/4/20

Mr Thorne Does Phonics /ai/

Phonics activity /ai/ 1.5.20

Write about your favourite toy story character 1.5.20

Mr Thorne Does Phonics /ee/ 30.4.20

/ee/ Phonics activity 30.4.20

Write about Jessie 30.4.20

Mr Thorne Does Phonics /oa/ 29.4.20

Phonics Activity ‘oa’ 29.4.20

Write About Buzz 29.4.20

Mr Thorne Does Phonics /ch/ 28.4.20

‘ch’ Phonics Activity 28.4.20

Write About Hamm 28.4.20

Toy Story Characters PowerPoint 27.4.20

Write About Rex 27.4.20

Mr Thorne Does Phonics /sh/ 27.4.20

Phonics – Colour in sh digraph 27.4.20

Week Beginning 20/4/20

Weekly Literacy Task 20th-24th April


Phonics Activity 3.4.20

Tricky Word Activity 2.4.20

Phonics Activity 1.4.20

Easter Story Activity  Explanation 31.3.20

Easter Story Cut and Stick Sequencing 31.3.20

Easter New Beginnings 30.3.20


Phonics Activity 23.3.20

Handa’s Surprise 24.3.20

Monkey sentence writing 24.3.20

Zebra sentence writing 25.3.20

Elephant sentence writing 26.3.20

What Am I? 27.3.20

 Activities for Mathematics

Week Beginning 18/5/20

This week we will be learning about division through the theme of dinosaurs and by carrying out practical activities at home. First we will go over our number bonds again.

Maths Activity explanation 22.5.20

Fairy Tale Sharing 22.5.20

Maths activity 21.5.20

Division activity 21.5.20

Dinosaurs share by 4 20.5.20

Introducing Division PowerPoint 19.5.20

Dinosaurs share by 2 19.5.20

Hide-a-saurus-number-bonds-to-10-colouring 18.5.20

Week Beginning 11/5/20

This week we will be learning our number bonds to 10 and how to find 1 more/1 less than a given number

Maths Activity 15.5.20

subtraction using a number line 15.5.20

Maths Activity Explanation 14.5.20

Addition using a number line 14.5.20

Maths activity explanation 13.5.20

Making 10 activity sheet 13.5.20

Maths activity explanation 12.5.20

Ways to make 5 activity sheet 12.5.20

Ways to make 10 activity sheet 12.5.20

1 more & 1 less YouTube links 11.5.20

One more, One Less activity sheet 11.5.20

Ordering numbers Activity sheet 1 – 11.5.20

Ordering Numbers Activity Sheet 2 11.5.20

Week Beginning 4/5/20

Telling the time PowerPoint 7.5.20

Weather and seasons PowerPoint 6.5.20

What season am I? PowerPoint 6.5.20

Months and seasons activity 6.5.20

Months Of The Year song 5.5.20

Months Of The Year cut & stick 5.5.20

Days of the week song 4.5.20

Days of the week cut and stick 4.5.20

Days of the week – yesterday and tomorrow activity 4.5.20

Week Beginning 27/4/20

Counting in 5s PowerPoint 1.5.20

5ps in a jar PowerPoint 1.5.20

Count in 5s Worksheet 1.5.20

Count by 5s song 1.5.20

Counting in 10’s PowerPoint 30.4.20

10ps In a Jar PowerPoint 30.4.20

10ps In a Jar Activity 30.4.20

Count By 10s Song 30.4.20

Noah’s Ark Counting in 2s Activity 29.4.20

Counting In 2s Cut and Stick Activity 29.4.20

2ps In A Jar PowerPoint 29.4.20

Skip Count in 2s 29.4.20

Count By 2s Song 29.4.20

Maths Activity 28.4.20

Equivalent Patterns 1 – 28.4.20

Equivalent Patterns 2 – 28.4.20

Repeating Patterns PowerPoint 1 27.4.20

Repeating Pattern PowerPoint 2 27.4.20

Toy Story What Comes Next? 27.4.20

Shape Sequences Activity 27.4.20

Under The Sea Patterns Activity 27.4.20

Week Beginning 20/4/20

Maths – Post A Letter Activity 24.4.20

Funky Mummy – Addition to 10 and 20 game 23.4.20

Helicopter rescue game 22.4.20

Maths Activity 21.4.20

Maths Quiz – 20/4/20


Maths Activity 3.4.20

Easter Missing Numbers 3.4.20

Maths Activity 2.4.20

Easter Addition 2.4.20

Maths Activity – 1.4.20

Easter-Addition-Powerpoint – 1.4.20

Easter egg addition – 1.4.20

Easter Maths 31.3.20

Easter Maths Activity 30.3.20

Easter dot to dot 30.3.20


Maths Activity 23.3.20

Maths Activity 24.3.20

Maths Activity 25.3.20

Maths Activity 26.3.20: Handa’s Problems

Maths Activity – Super Hero Subtraction – 27.3.20

Activities for other areas of learning

Week Beginning 18/5/20

This week we will be learning to move in lots of different ways, thinking about our senses and places that are special to us and carrying out lots of nice dinosaur themed activities.

Cute-Diplodocus-Paper-Model 22.5.20

Cute-Stegosaurus-Paper-Model 22.5.20

Cute-T-Rex-Paper-Model 22.5.20

Get Squiggling 22.5.20

Move like anything activity 22.5.20

Technology Dino Dig 21.5.20

Music Man activity 21.5.20

Senses walk 20.5.20

Senses walk recording sheet 20.5.20

Letter names physical activity 20.5.20

dinosaurs-omnivore-carnivore-herbivore-powerpoint 19.5.20

dinosaurs-omnivore-carnivore-herbivore-sorting-activity-sheet 19.5.20

Stretch and count activity 19.5.20

Special Places activity explanation 18.5.20

RE – Special Places PowerPoint 18.5.20

RE – My special place 18.5.20

Bear Walk physical activity 18.5.20

Week Beginning 11/5/20

Space star biscuit recipe 15.5.20

Space themed activity book 19.5.20

Get Squiggling 15.5.20

Cosmic Yoga 15.5.20

What can you remember activity 14.5.20

Moon craters science experiment 14.5.20

Cosmic Yoga 14.5.20

Literacy Planet task explanation 13.5.20 Please look in your ‘tasks’ section

Me and my body 13.5.20

Cosmic Yoga 13.5.20

RE activity 12.5.20

The Story of the Good Samaritan 12.5.20

Daily Acts of Kindness 12.5.20

Healthy Eating PowerPoint 12.5.20

healthy eating activity 12.5.20

Exercise, rhyme and freeze 12.5.20

In a Rocket 11.5.20

Paper plane racing 11.5.20

Purple Mash Activity 11.5.20

RE – Who put the colours in the rainbow 11.5.20

The Attention March 11.5.20

          Week Beginning 4/5/20

Zumba 7.5.20

All about recycling PowerPoint 7.5.20

Recycling sorting activity 7.5.20

Purple Mash task 6.5.20

RE – The Wise and Foolish Builders 6.5.20

Zumba 6.5.20

Make up your own dance 6.5.20

Alternative Naughty Bus story 5.5.20

 Zumba 5.5.20

Zumba 4.5.20

Florence Nightingale PowerPoint 4.5.20

Florence Nightingale Activity 1 – 4.5.20

Florence Nightingale activity 2 – 4.5.20

Thank You Keyworkers colouring 4.5.20

Week Beginning 27/4/20

Read your toy a story 1.5.20

Play a game with your family 1.5.20

Outdoor and Indoor Patterns 30.4.20

Make A Jack In The Box 29.4.20

Make Up A Story Activity 28.4.20

Get Active With Joe Wicks 27.4.20

Toys From The Past PowerPoint 27.4.20

Sorting Old And New Toys Activity 27.4.20

Week Beginning 20/4/20

My favourite Animal Activity 24.4.20

Label The Parts Of A Flower Activity 23.4.20

Parts of a Flower Optional Sheet 23.4.20

Where Does Food Come From? Activity 22..4.20

Where Does Food Come From? PowerPoint 22.4.20

Where Does Food Come From? worksheet

Make a Musical Instrument 21.4.20

Bucket and Ball Game 20/4/20


Easter Card Activity 3.4.20

Easter Basket Activity 2.4.20

Easter Basket Template

Easter Bunny and Chick Activity – 1.4.20

Easter chick – 1.4.20

Easter bunny – 1.4.20

31.3.20 – continue the pattern and colour in

Cracked Egg Activity Explanation 30.3.20

Cracked Egg Activity 30.3.20


PSE activity 23.3.20

Emotions PowerPoint

Exploring Media Activity 24.3.20

Handa’s Fruit Basket 24.3.20

Health and Self Care – Make a Healthy Salad 25.3.20

The World: Floating and Sinking Experiment – 26.3.20

Colour In The Fruit Activity – 27.3.20





We will attempt to send home small tasks for the children to complete at home every Friday. Please return the completed work in their home learning folder on a Monday. If you are unable to complete the tasks over the weekend please return the folder and we will add the new pieces and return it to you so that you can complete the outstanding pieces at your earliest convenience.

We will look at your child’s work and it will be kept in the home learning folder so that you can return to it throughout the weeks to practise the skills learned.

Many thanks!


Reading Books and Reading Record Book

The children have received a reading book and reading record book.

We will conduct a guided reading session using these reading books everyday. Therefore, your child needs to bring their books everyday in their book bag.

The children will change their books once a week with their teacher and when this is done the teachers will write a note in their reading record book. Please feel free to make a comment in response to the teacher each week if you would like to.

Please continue to regularly read and enjoy lots of other stories and other types of books at home with your child in order to help them to understand about characters, settings and main events.

Happy Reading Everyone!!



Here are some useful web links to help with your child’s learning and development

 Image result for the maths factor This website is currently free! Sign up                                for additional maths support and resources