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‘And The Child Grew...’ Luke 2:40


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Welcome to the EYFS class page.

In Class 1 our teacher is Miss Owen and our teaching assistant is Mrs. Doran

In Class 2 our teacher is Mr. Kildear and our teaching assistant is Mrs. Henderson

The EYFS expected and exceeding statements for the prime areas of learning

Prime Areas

The EYFS expected and exceeding statements for the Specific areas of learning

Specific areas

  School Closures


In light of the governments decision to close all schools the EYFS team will be regularly uploading work that you can complete with your child at home. This work can be printed out, completed and added to your child’s home learning folder.  We will also try to include links to any websites and other activity ideas that you can use with your child over the coming weeks.  Please ensure you check back here regularly.  As always we thank you for your continuing support.




Here is a link to a nice CBeebies hand washing song to help your little ones. 


Here is a lovely social story which explains what is happening at the moment in a nice, child friendly way. 




Following on from the Prime Minister’s advice on staying indoors as much as we can, the link below has lots of ideas (100 to be exact!) of activities you can do to keep your little ones entertained inside.  


Music at Childwall


Make sure you head over to our new music page.  Here you can find a selection of our school’s favourite songs from worship, class favourites and different music to suit your mood.  Just click on ‘Children’ and scroll down to ‘Music’ 



Story time at Childwall.  We love listening to stories in Class 1 & 2 and we don’t think that should stop just because we are away from school. Follow the link below to hear your favourite stories read by your favourite teachers. Each day, a new chapter of the story Matilda will be read by a member of staff or you can listen to some of your favourite story books being read.  


Childwall Story Time 


A message for parents about writing


Your children are at the very early stages of their writing journey.  As a result there will be many words that they cannot and should not be expected to spell correctly.  In school we encourage children to use their phonic knowledge to make an attempt at any unknown words.  Whilst learning at home it is important that you do not expect your child to spell all words correctly. The only exception to this are the tricky words which they have been learning since they started school. These words include I, no, go, into, the he, she, we ,me ,be.


Thank you for your continued support


The EYFS team 




Collective Worship at Childwall


Please use the link below to access our bank daily collective worships


Daily collective worship


Click here for Tuesday’s B-Tales Collective Worship 


Click here for Vicar Andrew’s Wednesday Collective Worship


Additional home learning resources and website links 


BBC Bitesize       


CBeebies Storytime    


Oxford Owl 


Boogie Beebies


ICT Games


Counting in 2s pack          Counting in 5s Pack               Counting in 10s  pack                       Counting mixed coins activity sheet


Who has the most money activity sheet                     Number Bonds challenge                           Maths Mastery challenge            


EYFS ELG reading challenges – 6.7.20                                     NEW – Additinal tasks for week beginning 13.7.20



We will attempt to send home small tasks for the children to complete at home every Friday. Please return the completed work in their home learning folder on a Monday. If you are unable to complete the tasks over the weekend please return the folder and we will add the new pieces and return it to you so that you can complete the outstanding pieces at your earliest convenience.

We will look at your child’s work and it will be kept in the home learning folder so that you can return to it throughout the weeks to practise the skills learned.

Many thanks!


Reading Books and Reading Record Book

The children have received a reading book and reading record book.

We will conduct a guided reading session using these reading books everyday. Therefore, your child needs to bring their books everyday in their book bag.

The children will change their books once a week with their teacher and when this is done the teachers will write a note in their reading record book. Please feel free to make a comment in response to the teacher each week if you would like to.

Please continue to regularly read and enjoy lots of other stories and other types of books at home with your child in order to help them to understand about characters, settings and main events.

Happy Reading Everyone!!



Here are some useful web links to help with your child’s learning and development

 Image result for the maths factor This website is currently free! Sign up                                for additional maths support and resources