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Welcome to the EYFS class page 2020/21.

Here is where you will find information about the teaching and learning that takes place throughout the Early Years. The page will be updated regularly so please do keep checking back.


In Class 1 our teacher is Miss Owen and our teaching assistant is Mrs. Doran




In Class 2 our teacher is Mr. Kildear and our teaching assistant is Mrs. Henderson




Both classes and all 4 teaching staff work very closely together and run as a department. However, once the children have settled and the teaching staff have carried out their initial observations and gotten to know the children they will be placed into one of the above classes.








Week 1 16th-19th October 2020


Week 2 23.10.20 – scissor skills


 Week 2 23.10.20 – Say the name of the animal and clap out the syllables. How many syllables can you hear in each animal name? Circle the correct answer. 




Our Curriculum




The EYFS curriculum at Childwall CE primary is a play based curriculum with an emphasis on developing independence, confidence, creativity, curiosity, knowledge and understanding.  We provide a balance of child initiated and teacher led activities and provide meaningful, practical and multi-sensory learning experiences which  fully engage all children and help them to develop ownership of their own learning.  Below are links to The EYFS expected and exceeding statements to both the prime and specific areas of the curriculum.




User guide for Reading Planet: Parent and Pupil Guide to Reading Planet




Link to Video Guide – How to use Seesaw – for Parents/Carers/Children




The EYFS expected and exceeding statements for the prime areas of learning

Prime Areas

The EYFS expected and exceeding statements for the Specific areas of learning

Specific areas

Hand washing


Here is a link to a nice    CBeebies hand washing song to help your little ones. It would be helpful to talk about the importance of keeping their hands clean before they start school. 


Music at Childwall

Make sure you head over to our new music page.  Here you can find a selection of our school’s favourite songs from worship, class favourites and different music to suit your mood.  Just click on ‘Children’ and scroll down to ‘Music’ 


Welcome to our home learning section.  Once the children are settled into classes we will upload homework activities once a week for you to complete together at home. These activities will be available the Seesaw platform of which each child will have their own login. The activities set will aim to consolidate the learning that has taken place in school and will allow your child to practise the skills they are learning.

Children Who Are Self-Isolating

If your child needs to self-isolate during their first half term in school we would suggest that you should concentrate on helping your child gain independence and confidence. You can do this by encouraging your child to put on their own shoes and fasten the straps, dress and undress themselves, fasten zips and buttons on clothes by themselves, use cutlery when eating and take themselves to the toilet and wipe themselves.

Also you could enjoy stories together and talk about the storybook characters and the events that happen. You could also practise singing nursery rhymes, counting rhymes and familiar songs.  Children love spotting numbers and print in the environment and counting everyday objects like toys or stairs.  Baking is always a firm favourite with young children so why not have a go at making our gingerbread people using the recipe below. Maybe you could listen to the story whilst they are baking. Or why not try making your own playdough and then moving along to the dough disco!!

Gingerbread people

Dough recipe





A message for parents about writing

Once your child begins their writing journey we will encourage them to use their phonic knowledge to make an attempt at any unknown words. There will be many words that they cannot and should not be expected to spell correctly.  Whilst learning at home it is important that you do not expect your child to spell all words correctly. The only exception to this are the tricky words which they will be learning in school. These words include I, no, go, into, the he, she, we ,me ,be.

Thank you for your continued support


The EYFS team 


A message for parents about reading

Once your child begins their reading journey we will have guided reading sessions in school every day of the week.  During these sessions your child will be helped to develop the skills they need to become a happy and confident reader.  Unfortunately, as a result of current restrictions, school is not allowed to send home a reading book with your child.  Instead, all of our reading books will be accessible online. Each week your child will be assigned an ‘ebook’ which will allow you to practise the skills that they have learned with their teacher in school.  Within the ebook there will also be a range of questions in order to develop your child’s comprehension skills.


The EYFS team



Collective Worship at Childwall


Please use the link below to access our bank daily collective worships


Daily collective worship


Click here for Tuesday’s B-Tales Collective Worship 


Click here for Vicar Andrew’s Wednesday Collective Worship


Additional home learning resources and website links 


BBC Bitesize       


CBeebies Storytime    


Oxford Owl 


Boogie Beebies


ICT Games



Here are some useful web links to help with your child’s learning and development

 Image result for the maths factor This website is currently free! Sign up                                for additional maths support and resources