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Hello and welcome to our brand-new Year Group page, where you will find all the information you need for this year. Our teachers are Mr Gillin and Miss O’Sullivan, and we are lucky enough to have the support of Mrs Bone, Mrs Butchard and Mrs Gillin. Keep popping back to see updates, photos and useful information.

Easter Holidays

It might not feel like it, but Friday 3rd April marks the day that we would have finished for our Easter holidays. With this in mind, and to ensure that children and grownups alike have some form of break, we will only be posting suggested activities and links over the next two weeks. Please do keep referring back to our ‘Stay Home and Stay Busy‘ and Music pages for activities and songs, but for the duration of the holidays, we will not be posting set English, Maths or Foundation work. Take care! Mr Gillin and Miss O’Sullivan 🙂

Premier League Resources

Here are some booklets for you to have a go at, with a range of maths, English and other activities to keep you busy! 

Premier League Activities KS1

Premier League Activities KS2

Answers KS1

Answers KS2


Keep yourselves active with these fun workouts, and practise your Times Tables while you’re at it, too!

Times Tables Supermovers

Other Supermovers

Other bits and pieces!

Times Tables Mosaics

Easter Crossword

Easter Chick Paper Model

Easter Story Wordsearch

Easter Basket Craft

Spring Wordsearch

Easter Egg Mindfulness Colouring Pages

Easter First News Issue and Activities

First News Issue 720

3 Easter Holiday Puzzle

2 Easter Holiday Puzzle

1 Easter Holiday Puzzle

In the Know

News Debate

An Easter Prayer

The veil of darkness transformed to the brightest light.

The most dreadful end became the most beautiful beginning.

The depths of despair fade to reveal hope everlasting.

The curse of death defeated by eternal life.

Thank you, Lord, for the wonder of Easter.


6 Tips and Tricks to Stop Your Designs From All Looking the Same ...


Thank you for visiting this Home Learning section. Please pop back every day to see what activities you have been set. Every day, you can expect:

one maths activity

one English activity (encompassing either writing, reading, spelling, or punctuation and grammar)

one activity which will help your learning in the foundation subjects (RE, Science, History, Geography, Computing, PE, Art/DT, Wellbeing)

Every evening, we will let you know what activities you will be doing on the next day, and we will post any answers you will need to check your work. Please complete all work, unless told otherwise, in your Home Learning book. If nothing has been posted on this page, please ask your parents to check their email. We won’t have forgotten!

Monday 30th March


Finding 10, 100 more and less TYM Pg. 8

English: Planning for writing

In school, you wrote a super adventure involving a home-made monster. Now, you’re going to write another story based in space! Today, I want you think about the characters and words you can use to describe your space setting. Then, think about your opening, build-up, dilemma (problem), resolution (how the problem is solved) and your ending. Maybe a spacecraft has broken down? Maybe you meet an alien? Maybe you have to stop an asteroid from hitting earth? It’s up to you! Draw pictures to help you if you want. Often, planning your story like a comic strip can help with the writing. We’ll be writing tomorrow!


Spend some time reading through this PDF:  How Easter is celebrated around the world explaining the different ways in which Easter is celebrated around the world. How are they different to ours? Finally, can you try and write a prayer especially for Easter? Maybe focus on the emotions that we have talked about, and how there are some parts of the Easter story which are very sad, and other parts which are joyful. Try linking it to our Christian values – forgiveness, compassion, friendship and thankfulness.

Tuesday 31st March


Counting in 1s, 10s, 100s

TYM Pg. 9

English: writing

Yesterday, we planned a space adventure story and you thought about the five parts of a story (opening, build-up, problem, resolution and ending). We want you to have a go at writing it today. Some key things to remember:

–           new paragraph for Time, Person, Topic or Place

–           new line for each new speaker in a conversation

–           spend lots of time describing your settings and characters. Paint a picture with your words!

–           check for missing punctuation.


You’re going to be looking at debugging today. Just like when you’re doing maths and you’ve got a wrong answer, and you go back through your method to work out where you went wrong, debugging is where we look closely at lines of code to see if there’s a mistake. Look at the Debugging Process document and use this as a guide to try the following Debug challenges: Purple Mash, Tools, 2Code, and then under ‘More Debug Challenges’ try ‘Debug challenges chimp’ then ‘Debug challenges gibbon’. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try ‘Debug challenges gorilla’ but these are hard!

Wednesday 1st April


Counting in multiples of 4, 8, 50 and 100 TYM Pg. 10

English: Reading Skills:

Grandpa’s Indian Summer – see documents below.

Grandpa’s Indian Summer Text

Grandpa’s Indian Summer Questions

Grandpa’s Indian Summer Answers

Geography: Understand why we have, and calculate, time differences

Read through to explain why we have different time zones then look at the World Clock in Berlin, a local landmark which helps people to tell the time in different countries around the world. Spend some time exploring for an interactive world clock. Go through this PPT/PDF: All the Time in the World and complete a sheet from this activity pack on time differences: Activity Sheet Time Zones pdf. At the bottom of the sheets they will have stars to show the levels of difficulty – 1 being less challenging and 3 being more challenging. The answers are included for you to check!

Thursday 2nd April


Counting in multiples of 4, 8, 50 and 100 and finding 10 or 100 more than a given number TYM Pg.11

English: grammar

The vowels in the alphabet are AEIOU. Think of An Elephant In Orange Underpants. Every other letter in the alphabet is a consonant. Have a go at this activity. As a challenge, have a look around your house and see what other objects you can add to your ‘begin with a vowel’ and ‘begin with a consonant’ lists.

Consonants and vowels activity


Please continue to work on the Amazing Magnets project which was set last week.

Amazing Magnets

Friday 3rd April


Mental addition and subtraction TYM Pg. 12. The answers for checking are here: TYM answers


Silent Letters activities on Literacy Planet


The Power of Yet sheet: Wellbeing Friday 3rd April

What else should I do each day? 

If you have finished the work set each day, there are lots of things you can do to help your learning while we’re not in school. Purple Mash will help you with your coding and all sorts of skills. TTRockstars will help your rapid recall of multiplication and division facts and trust us, you can never have too much practice of that! MyMaths has online lessons of every topic you can think of, and Literacy Planet is a fabulous new resource that helps you with your spelling, reading, punctuation and grammar. We are always on the lookout for other resources you can use too, so please do check in everyday! Oh, and don’t forget, read, read, read, read, read, read, read, read, read and….erm, what was the last one?…READ!!

Remember, these next few weeks are an important part of history. You are living through it. Why don’t you write down your feelings and activities each day in a journal? One day, many years from now, you’ll be able to tell people how brave you were and what you got up to each day while schools were closed. Lots of diaries from history have been published and become very famous – they are a great way for people in the future to learn how people lived and how they spent their days.

Joe Wicks’ Daily PE lessons:

Although he’s not quite as fit, healthy and sporty as Mr Gillin and Miss O’Sullivan, Joe Wicks is leading daily 30 minute PE workouts each morning at 9am on YouTube. So, while we might have to do without our Daily Mile (unless, of course, you’ve got a race track in your garden) for the time being, Joe here will make sure you’re exercising and starting your day off right! He’s not Mr Hawthorne, but he’ll do.

Click here to take part in Joe Wicks’ daily lessons

Free Audiobooks

Audible, which is ran by Amazon, has very kindly made hundreds of audiobooks (books which are read aloud to you) FREE. You don’t need a login or bank card, but please ask your grown-ups at home to help you find books which are suitable. Click here.

This week’s First News:

Every week, we will post an online PDF version of the children’s newspaper ‘First News’. It’s a brilliant way to keep up-to-date with what’s going on in the world with simple, easy-to-understand language while still introducing you to new vocabulary.


We know you love watching Newsround, so here’s the link. It’s usually updated three times a day. If there’s anything on the news that upsets you, don’t forget to speak to an adult. These are tricky and uncertain times, but what do you get after heavy rain? Rainbows, sun and bright blue skies 🙂

Click here to watch Newsround

If we find something else we think you’d like, we will be sure to post it here. We’re still your teachers, you’re still our children, and we’re still here for you (virtually!).

Parents: please send any enquiries to Someone will aim to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Image result for the maths factor This website is currently free! Sign up for additional maths support and resources. 

Zoo webcams

If you click the link below, you can watch live streams of pandas, penguins, tigers, koalas and rockhoppers at Edinburgh Zoo from the comfort of your own home!

Click here to watch live zoo webcams




What have we been learning in Year 3?

What do I need to bring into school each day?

Organisers: everyday

Reading Books: everyday

Times Tables Diaries: Mondays

Home Spelling List Books: Thursdays

PE Kits: Mondays and Tuesdays (Class 7), Mondays and Thursdays (Class 8)

Reading Books and Homework

Reading Books will usually be changed once a week. Please bring your reading books in every day so an adult can read with you when the chance arises.

Homework will usually be set each Friday, with your new times tables being given out on a Tuesday, and your new spellings going home each Friday.

Useful Links

Purple Mash

Times Tables Rockstars


Literacy Planet

Useful Documents

Year 3 Long Term Plan