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‘And The Child Grew...’ Luke 2:40

Year 5

In Year 5, we take great pride in our classwork and homework as we understand the importance of being responsible for our own learning. We are focused on our targets and what we need to do in order to achieve them. Most of all, we have fun and enjoy being part of our wonderful school.

Our teachers in Year 5 are Mrs. Duckworth, Miss Wilson, Mrs. Woolnough and Miss Wikeley. We are also very lucky to have Mrs. Fisher and Mrs. Weston to support us with our learning. Mrs. Woods also supports the teachers in Class 11.


English and Maths homework will be set every Friday. Maths homework is set on My Maths and your child will need to complete this work online. English homework will be sent home each week and needs to be returned to school by the following Wednesday.


Class 11 – Spellings will be set every Friday and tested the following Friday. Children will bring their spellings home in a book, which they should use to practise their words. These must be in school every Friday in order for new words to be set.

Class 12 – Spellings will be set every Tuesday and tested the following Tuesday. Children will bring their spellings home in a book, which they should use to practise their words. These must be in school every Friday in order for new words to be set.

Times Tables Tests

The children will be tested on their times tables every Tuesday. They will be informed which times tables they will be tested on every Tuesday. They will then be tested the following week.


Class 11 – PE will take place on Tuesday and Friday.

Class 12 – PE will take place on Monday and Thursday.

Please make sure the appropriate kit is in school.

Thank you for visiting this Home Learning section. Please pop back every day to see what activities you have been set. Every day, you can expect:

one maths activity

one English activity

One activity which will help your learning in the foundation subjects (RE, Science, History, Geography, Computing, PE, Art/DT, Wellbeing)

Every evening, we will let you know what activities you will be doing on the next day, and we will post any answers you will need to check your work. Please complete all work, unless told otherwise, in your Home Learning book. If nothing has been posted on this page, please ask your parents to check their email. We won’t have forgotten!

Friday 3rd April


Complete the arithmetic test, which you might prefer to do alongside an adult rather than as a test:

Maths Arithmetic 030420 – Please click here

The answers are also provided, so that you can get instant feedback!

Answers to arithmetic test Summer 2- Please click here

There are also a few My Maths challenges to complete.

Any spare time, remember to look at TTRockstars to keep your times-table knowledge up to scratch!


Continue the information text you started last week. In case you need a reminder of what to do, this is what was written on last Friday’s page:

Research an animal of your choice and write an information text on this animal. Use subheadings which could include:

  • Habitat
  • Diet
  • Appearance
  • Fun Facts


Have a go at making your own Palm Sunday cross. You can find the instructions by following the link below. There are some other activities which you could also try on this website as well!

Palm Sunday cross instructions – Please click here

Answers to Target Your Maths page 145 questions 73 – 100:

Answers to Target Your Maths p145 q.73 – 100 – Please click here

Thursday 2nd April


Target Your Maths  – page 145 questions 73 – 100

Please look through the PowerPoint that reminds you how to compare fractions, decimals and percentages. Slides 1 – 11 are especially helpful:

Lesson Presentation Comparing Decimals 020420 – Please click here

Have a go at the fraction and percentage jigsaw. There are three levels to choose between: go for either 1, 2 or 3 stars. The answers are also included:

Percentage Equivalent Jigsaw 3 levels 020420 – Please click here


Homophones – Pages 94-95 CGP book

If you need reminding about what homophones are, take a look at the PowerPoint to help you:

Homophones and near homophones – Please click here

Remember to ask an adult to test you on your weekly spellings!


Explore the meaning of ‘metamorphosis’ by reading through the attached powerpoint:

Lesson Presentation Metamorphosis – Please click here

Then study the life cycle of a butterfly. Watch the video clip (see the link below) and read the attached information powerpoint ‘The Life Cycle of a Butterfly’. – Please click here

t-t-5221-butterfly-life-cycle-powerpoint – Please click here

Your Task:

Create a labelled diagram to show the life cycle of a butterfly. Try to include the following vocabulary:

reproduce    egg      larva      chrysalis     metamorphosis     adult butterfly

Answers for Target Your Maths page 145 questions 45 – 72:

Answers to Target Your Maths p145 q 45-72 -Please click here

Wednesday 1st April

Good morning everyone! No, this is NOT an April fool’s joke! You really DO have some work to do today.


Target Your Maths p.145 questions 45 – 72.

Please go through the PowerPoint to remind yourselves of this work, as it was quite a while ago that we did this topic in school.

There are also a couple of challenges to tackle as well!

decimal fractions PPT – Please click here

Extra maths challenge – Please click here

fraction and decimal grid challenge – Please click here

Answers to extra challenge from 010420 – Please click here

fraction and decimal grid ANSWERS – Please click here


Punctuating Speech in Two Parts – Pages 62-64 CGP book (answers at the back)

Please also continue practising your spellings for a test at the end of the week.


If you have completed your pyramid model, why not make a mummy to go in it?

If you have a spare (small) doll, why not wrap it up in “linen” cloth? You could make some amulets (lucky charms) to accompany your mummy into the Afterlife. If you do not have a doll to hand, you could use a clothes peg or anything relatively small.

Here is a video you could watch to give you some creative “mummy” ideas:

REMEMBER: ask the doll owner’s permission BEFORE turning it into a mummy!

Votes for Schools:

We always enjoy doing Votes for Schools every week. There is a Votes for School here that you could do with an adult. Please see the powerpoint below:


Answers for Target Your Maths Page 145 ( from Tuesday 31st March):

Answers to Target Your Maths page 145 q21 – 36 – Please click here

Tuesday 31st March


Target your maths p.145 questions 21 – 36

Please go through the TWO PowerPoints attached, which remind you how to add, multiply and subtract fractions.

There is an extra activity for those who finish quickly and would like an extra piece of fraction work. Please select your level: 1 star for an easier extra activity and 3 stars for the super confident! The answers are also included to give you instant feedback!

add and subtract fractions different denominators (1) – Please click here

Multiplying fractions and mixed numbers – Please click here

Adding Fractions extension – Please click here


Non -Standard English work; using pages 34 – 35 in your CGP book (the answers are at the back).

Foundation subjects:

Historycomplete, or continue your Ancient Egyptian pyramid work which you started yesterday.

RE – as it’s approaching Holy Week (this coming Sunday is Palm Sunday) and had we been in school, we would be preparing for this important time.

Look through the PowerPoint attached, which reminds you of the Easter story.

Easter story – Please click here

After reading it, choose to be EITHER the Roman guard who saw Jesus carrying the cross OR Mary when she first saw the empty tomb.

Write a diary entry which includes WHAT you saw and HOW you felt. Try to include a QUESTION about Jesus that you might have been left with.

Answers for Monday 30th March:

Here are the answers to the Target Maths questions from page 145:

Target Your Maths Year 5 answers to Page 145 q1-20 – Please click here

English: The answers to the reading comprehension will be provided automatically on the Literacy Planet website.

Monday 30th  March

Hello lovely Y5 children, we hope you had a fun weekend and a good rest!


Fractions decimals and percentages review

Target Your Maths page 145 – Questions 1- 20

There’s a PowerPoint to refresh your memory on this topic before answering the questions.

Slides 1 – 7 are really useful for today’s work.

There is also an extension task for those who are especially keen to complete more fraction work. The answers are also provided so you can check straight away if you were correct!

PowerPoint – Improper Fractions to Mixed Numbers – Please click here

Fractions extension work Test Base 300320 -Please click here


Please log on to your Literacy Planet account, where there is a reading comprehension about Whale Sharks to complete.

Spellings for the week – practise each day and ask an adult to test you on Friday 3rd April

  • Doubt
  • Island
  • Lamb
  • Debt
  • Climb
  • Knife
  • Gnome
  • Could
  • Should
  • Answer

Foundation subjects

History – this week we will be looking at the pyramids of Ancient Egypt. We would like to give you the chance to do something a little more creative!

Start today by reading through the attached PowerPoint.

Ancient Egyptian pyramids – Please click here

There will be other things you can find out about the Ancient Egyptian pyramids from these websites:

Use the information you find out to create one of these things. Remember – the more creative the better!!

  • A model pyramid, using old boxes, paper, card etc…
  • A labelled painting of a pyramid from Ancient Egypt
  • A Lego model of an Ancient Egyptian pyramid. This could be on a small or a huge scale
  • We would love to see some of your creations when we return to school, so why not take a photo!



Answers for Friday 27th March


Answers to Y5 Maths for 27th March – Please click here 

English: Keep hold of your research… You will need it next week!

Why not check out our new Music page?! You can find it by going to the homepage and clicking ‘Children’ and then ‘Music’.

Remember to send in your requests! Your parents have been sent the email address for this.

There will also be some links to musical games and apps added which you might like to try, so keep checking in regularly.

Why not also take a look at our new Stay Home and Stay Busy page?! It includes lots of fun activities and ideas for you to try!

Have a great weekend!

Answers for Thursday 26th March

Maths: answers on My Maths

English: answers in the back of your CGP Book


Friday 27th March



Complete the arithmetic test attached. You don’t have to do it under test conditions; working it out alongside an adult may be more useful.

The answers are also attached, to save you waiting until Monday for them!

If you have any extra time, why not complete a game on “My Maths?” Alternatively, have a go at the “Ultimate Maths Challenge” attached.

Arithmetic test Summer 1 – Please click here

Answers to Y5 Maths for 27th March – Please click here

Ultimate times table challenge – Please click here


Research an animal of your choice and write an information text on this animal. Use subheadings which could include:

  • Habitat
  • Diet
  • Appearance
  • Fun Facts


There is an example information text, to give you some ideas of how to set it out.

This piece of work will take at least two-weeks, so don’t rush to finish it today.

Example Text for information text – Please click here


History – carry on with your presentation on Ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses.

The resources for this can be found below!


Answers for Wednesday 25th March


Wednesday 25th March – Target Your Maths Answers – Please click here

Roman Numerals Crossword Answers – Please click here


The answers to the English work from Wednesday 25th March are in the back of your CGP book.


Thursday 26th March



Review your knowledge of negative numbers using the Powerpoint below.

There is a negative numbers activity on My Maths to complete.

If you complete the My Maths activity and would like an additional challenge, try the Negative Numbers sheet below.

You could also have a go at the negative numbers game which can be found in the links below.

Negative Numbers – Please click here

Negative Numbers PPT – Please click here

Instructions and Target Number Cards Roman Numerals – Please click here



Word endings ‘ance’, ‘ancy’, ‘ence’ and ‘ency’ – Page 82 CGP Book

Continue learning your spellings and ask an adult to test you on Friday!


Foundation subject:

If you have finished the art task from yesterday, start this history task, which continues work on the Ancient Egyptians.

This history task should take a couple of days to complete.

Create a fact file about an Ancient Egyptian God or Goddess.

This should include:

  • 6 facts
  • A picture (drawn or printed).
  • A paragraph that explains how gods and goddesses were important to the Ancient Egyptians.

If you have a little more time on your hands, you could even create a set of Egyptian Gods and Goddesses Top Trumps! This is optional!

There is a PowerPoint below all about Ancient Egyptian Gods, which you can refer to for ideas.

Here are links to watch a couple of BBC videos:

Egyptian Gods PPT – Please click here

Spellings for the week: (Children to learn and write one sentence for each word)

  • Wear
  • Where
  • Led
  • Lead
  • Past
  • Passed
  • Morning
  • Mourning
  • Precedes
  • Proceed


What else should I do each day? 

If you have finished the work set each day, there are lots of things you can do to help your learning while we’re not in school. Purple Mash will help you with your coding and all sorts of skills. TTRockstars will help your rapid recall of multiplication and division facts and trust us, you can never have too much practice of that! MyMaths has online lessons of every topic you can think of, and Literacy Planet is a fabulous new resource that helps you with your spelling, reading, punctuation and grammar.

Oh, and don’t forget, read, read, read, read, read, read, read, read, read and….erm, what was the last one?…READ!!

Remember, these next few weeks are an important part of history. You are living through it. Why don’t you write down your feelings and activities each day in a journal? One day, many years from now, you’ll be able to tell people what you got up to each day while schools were closed. Lots of diaries from history have been published and become very famous – they are a great way for people in the future to learn how people lived and how they spent their days.

Joe Wicks’ Daily PE lessons:

Although he’s not quite as fit, healthy and sporty as the Year 5 teachers, Joe Wicks is leading daily 30 minute PE workouts each morning at 9am on YouTube. So, while we might have to do without our Daily Mile (unless, of course, you’ve got a race track in your garden) for the time being, Joe here will make sure you’re exercising and starting your day off right! He’s not Mr Hawthorne, but he’ll do.

Click here to take part in Joe Wicks’ daily lessons

Free Audiobooks

Audible, which is run by Amazon, has very kindly made hundreds of audiobooks (books which are read aloud to you) FREE. You don’t need a login or bank card, but please ask your grown-ups at home to help you find books which are suitable. Click here.

This week’s First News:

Every week, we will post an online PDF version of the children’s newspaper ‘First News’. It’s a brilliant way to keep up-to-date with what’s going on in the world with simple, easy-to-understand language while still introducing you to new vocabulary.

First News issue 718


We know you love watching Newsround, so here’s the link. It’s usually updated three times a day. If there’s anything on the news that upsets you, don’t forget to speak to an adult. These are tricky and uncertain times, but what do you get after heavy rain? Rainbows, sun and bright blue skies 🙂

Click here to watch Newsround

 Image result for the maths factor This website is currently free! Sign up for additional maths support and resources. 


If we find something else we think you’d like, we will be sure to post it here. We’re still your teachers, you’re still our children, and we’re still here for you (virtually!).

Parents: please send any enquiries to Someone will aim to get back to you as quickly as possible.


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